— Colonic —

Single session: $80
4 Session Bundle: $300
6 Session Bundle: $420
10 Session Bundle: $650



  • Reduces pressure in the intra-abdominal area which improves venous return from lower extremities and pelvic zone.

  • Relaxes pressure on the hips and lumbar column and is beneficial to their mobility.

  • Relaxes abdominal muscles from the action of water temperature and massage that accompany the colonic.

  • Increases abdominal muscle tone due to reducing intestinal residues.

  • Stimulates peristaltic action of intestines restoring normal muscle tone and therefore removal of constipation.

  • Potential to correct intestinal transit problems such as constipation and diarrhea without resorting to prescription drugs.

  • Sensation of well being due to the elimination of mucus, alimentary remainders not digested, gases and toxic bacteria.

  • Relieves inflammation and edema due to elimination of irritating substances.

  • Expels parasites due to alternating water temperatures and complementary additives to colonic water such as garlic and other vermifuge (parasite killing) herbs.

  • Decreases demineralization of body because it improves metabolism.

  • Relieves gynecological disorders such as cystitis and dysmenorrhea due to reduction of a prolapsed intestine.

  • Reduces risk of complications after surgery because it reinforces natural immunity.

  • Improves functions of the large intestines, lymph and nervous system because a relation exists between them in the GI tract.

  • Reduces weight and slims due to activating elimination.

  • Creates an increase in mental capacity and rejuvenation since it decreases the degenerative process, normal or accelerated, by removing toxic substances that affect biological aging.

What to Expect

After completing a health history form and consulting with the colon hydrotherapist, the client is asked to change into a gown and lie face up on a treatment table. The colon therapist will make sure you are comfortable and will explain the entire procedure before the treatment begins.
The colon, also called the large intestine, is 5 feet long and can hold up to 10 pounds of waste per foot. Over time, a thick lining develops in the colon wall that creates pockets that allows disease-carrying bacteria to breed. Colonic treatments cleanses these pockets and promotes good gut health.
The colon therapist inserts a disposable speculum into the rectum. The speculum is connected to a long disposable plastic hose connected to the colon hydrotherapy unit.
The process is clean and sanitary.
The colon therapist may apply light massage to the client's abdominal area to facilitate the process.
After the session, the therapist leaves the room, and the client may sit on a toilet to pass any residual water and stools.
A typical session lasts up to one hour.

Probiotic shots available!